T-Guard can reset immune system

For 20 years, Nijmegen-based Xenikos has been working on a drug that can reset the immune system. It is now make or break for their drug T-Guard.

Corona in Europe – the colossal Covid chaos

As the corona figures go through the roof, data journalist Jelmer Visser has returned to do what he does best: interpret the corona pandemic based on data from home and abroad.

‘The best scientists also have start-ups’

Companies are constantly testing new products in the marketplace; scientists should do the same with research, Eveline Crone believes. Because innovations are only successful if we actually use them.

This is how the Netherlands gets the Boston vibe

At Kendall Square in Boston, the hotspot for start-ups, it is completely natural to try new things, fail, learn and try again. That is the vibe that the Netherlands also needs, says Miao-Ping Chien.

The chemical quest for delicious food

Using chemical analysis and a panel to try to figure out which tiny molecules determine aroma is a tough chore: lots of particles are still unidentified.