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The Eindhovense VVD has taken the initiative to extend the opening times of catering businesses from 8 am to 6 am and it seemed that the majority of the council backed it. The party shall submit a formal proposal at the next council meeting.

One of the catering businesses involved, Meneer de Boer on Keizersgracht, responded enthusiastically to the political support.

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Yay!!! RT @ferryvdbroek Get the majority at the next meeting #raad040 catering businesses to be allowed to open from 6 am. Amazing!


At the moment catering businesses may only open from 8 am. Hotels can now apply for exemption to this rule, provided that they offer an alcohol-free breakfast. The exemption is obtained from the APV and automatically allows hotels to serve an alcohol-free breakfast from 6 am. During the next council meeting the VVD will submit a proposal to make this possible for other businesses in the catering industry.

This will create a level playing field and, according to the VVD, will “take into account the wish of various business owners and general developments in society.” It could also mean that from 1 July, when the new APV comes in, the 6 am opening time will also become the standard. In the meantime, the majority of fractions have already indicated that they will back the proposal.

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