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They call it “life’s most essential skill – the ability to switch off and relax, where and when you want”. We featured them as ‘start-up of the Day‘ earlier this year. Now, the makers of AlphaBeats, an app that guides your brain into ‘alpha mode’ while listening to your favourite music, are inviting visitors of Innovation Origins to beta-test the app. On a first-come-first-serve basis, an exclusive group of people gets the opportunity to try it out.

AlphaBeats builds on 8 years of neurofeedback research by companies at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. “After testing the solution at the Tilburg University, showing that Alphabeats is two times more effective in getting people relaxed than listening to music alone, we have now turned this revolutionary technology into an easy to use solution for the rapidly growing number of people suffering from stress and burn-out complaints”, co-founder Bert-Jan Woertman says.

“Music has a powerful effect on your mind. Many people already use it to relax and unwind to cope with speeding life. Listening to your favourite tunes gets you in a good mood. But listening to normal music only goes so far. We figured that it would be even better if the relaxation effect was enhanced, so you could really relax, even in the most stressful of times.”

According to Woertman, the AlphaBeats App helps your mind to regulate itself, without the need for you to engage consciously. The combination of audio neurofeedback and implicit learning, are amplifying the relaxation effect of one’s favourite music. “With AlphaBeats the brain can “hear” what the brain is doing, creating a lever to internally regulate your mind. You just sit back, hit ‘play’ and your brain is guided intuitively into relaxation.”

Want to join the beta-test? Click here.