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It was a bit like looking for Easter eggs in the overview of the National Growth Fund, since it lavishly scattered billions of euros: 5 billion to be exact.

For those of you who are interested in reading the entire overview, eat your heart out this Easter and enjoy the marvels of Dutch engineering. Nevertheless, the fact that the Growth Fund has been rolled out here does not yet mean that the Netherlands has met all the conditions for the Growth Fund. There is still a long list of conditions to be met in order to secure €3.7 billion. Rather like those Easter eggs that you can’t take the wrapper off just yet.

Is this hand on the purse strings sensible or not? The Dutch will be the judge of that when, in a few years’ time, they look back on this golden age when the sky seemed to be the limit.

But at the dawn of what appears to be an economic recession, this investment in tomorrow may well be the beginning of a golden future.

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Arjan Paans
Editor-in-Chief Innovation Origins

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