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Each week, our Sunday newsletter looks back on the past seven days. We always do so at the initiative of our cartoonist, Albert Jan Rasker. He chooses a subject, draws a picture, and we take it from there.

As there are plans around the world to invest in nuclear power in the coming decades, research is being done to develop new nuclear technologies. Molten salt is one of them. And no, Albert Jan, molten pepper is not.

Still, it’s unsurprising that our cartoonist chose this story as last week’s standout. After all, a lot comes together: our lust for energy, the constant search for renewable resources, and the sometimes heated discussions surrounding nuclear power.

A different kind of heated discussion, meanwhile, is taking place around the topic of hydrogen. And as with nuclear power, that is a strong reason for us to keep asking ourselves how we will get this system working – and at what cost. Colleague Elcke Vels, therefore, visited Hans Brinkhof of VoltH2. When VoltH2 begins building its first two green hydrogen plants in Vlissingen and Terneuzen, it will mark an essential step in the hydrogen economy, he assured her. However, the company, like other hydrogen producers in the Netherlands, is running into many challenges, including the cost of transporting power. “Those rates can, and should, be addressed,” he said. Read the entire article here.

There was more hydrogen news, by the way:

Gerard & Anton Awards

In just over two weeks, it will be time for our annual presentation of the Gerard & Anton Awards. For the tenth time, we are putting ten startups from the Brainport region in the spotlight. These – by now 100 – companies have in common that they use all their expertise to make the world a better place. At the time of writing, almost all 250 tickets are sold out, so if you still want to be there, you have to be super quick. (Click on the image above for the last tickets).

Like last year, we are also making a magazine. A (limited) quantity is available for those attending the ceremony. If you want to be absolutely sure of your own (64-page glossy printed) copy, please message us at [email protected]. For €7.50 plus postage, you will automatically receive your copy on your doormat.

The magazine includes interviews with the ten new winners, updates on all 90 former winners, an analysis of the ecosystem that produced them, new data on their achievements and much more.

So order your copy now, and don’t miss a thing!

This also caught our eye this week:

You can read the rest of the articles we wrote last week here. Have a great weekend!