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PhotonDelta and AIM Academy are hosting the first meeting of the World Technology Mapping Forum this week. The goal is to produce the first International Photonic Systems Roadmap, looking ahead to global technology needs in 2030 and beyond. In a short series, we offer three views on why Photonics Roadmapping Forum is so important. Today: Ewit Roos

Ewit Roos is the Managing Director of PhotonDelta and one of the organizers of the World Technology Mapping Forum 2017.

He explains that as Photonic Integrated Circuits using Indium Phosphide, Gallium Nitride and Silicon Nitride ramp up in a global market, many new players are entering the field. They take a non-traditional approach to working.

“We’re seeing a trend for high-tech companies, chip designers, packaging houses and pure- play foundries to work collaboratively. This enables cost-sharing of expensive facilities as well as much faster prototyping and production. But for this approach to succeed, there needs to be an ongoing global discussion on “real-world” needs and goals for specific technologies.”

“Coupling optical technologies with electronics offers paths to next generation smart devices that are 1000 times faster, process 1000 times more data and yet use much less energy. The outcome of the World Technology Mapping Forum is going to generate a very useful fact- based investment guide for the future. PhotonDelta has been asked to take a lead on this together with other European Digital Innovation leaders.”

The workshop sessions June 14 – 16th 2017 are private, so frank and meaningful discussion is possible. But the results will be shared after compilation in the last quarter of 2017.

Closing remarks
We need to give credit, where credit is due. It takes vision and guts to be a pioneer. So thanks to the Eindhoven University of Technology for taking the initiative, together with Brainport Development, The Brabant Development Agency, Effect Photonics, Mesa+, LioniX International, Smart Photonics, and Phoenix Software. We’d also like to acknowledge the invaluable ongoing support from the High-Tech Campus Eindhoven, the province of Brabant (OpZuid Project) and the European Commission. The province of Brabant is powering the World Technology Mapping Forum in 2017.