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Holst Centre celebrates its tenth birthday this Thursday. Sywert Bongersma, connected to Holst since 2006 sat down with High Tech Campus to talk about the anniversary.

“The initiative to establish the Holst Centre originally came from Philips” Sywert explains in the campus blog. “This was in 2005 when Philips was also actively opening up High Tech Campus Eindhoven for collaboration with external partners.”” Eventually, Holst started as a collaboration between IMEC and TNO.

Since then, Holst has established a strong reputation in Health and Lifestyle, Sywert explains. “Now, after 10 years, we think this is mature enough to start adding application areas. So we’re actively exploring whether our technologies have applications in sports, agriculture (animal wellness), food, automotive.”

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    Technologie van Holst in een product van Samsung. Fotobron: High Tech Campus
    Technologie van Holst in een product van Samsung. Fotobron: High Tech Campus

    This Thursday, Holst celebrates its ten year anniversary in Amsterdam. Bongersma says the festivity is also a good time to “The Holst Centre partner gathering on April 14th is an important milestone in our history. It is always remarkable to step back and observe the huge progress that has been made. I hope that everyone will realize the big difference we make and celebrate the results of this vibrant collaborative ecosystem.”

    Read the complete blog here. Soon, an article on Holst returning financial questions will be published on the site.

    This article, the result of a talk with Valer Pop, co-founder of LifeSense, a Holst Centre Spin-off, tells the story of Valer’s wish to help new startups get funding.


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