LUMO Labs: additional € 20 million to support innovative software start-ups

Start-ups have always had a hard time, but especially at a time when half the economy is in danger of collapsing, these starting companies have an extra burden on their situation: often not even a working business model, let alone any revenue. And most of the...

Pioneering-in-Progress: from Wednesday, April 1, there is IO-TV, our own online channel

Never waste a good crisis. Innovation Origins takes this to heart and will start - perhaps a bit against the trend - with our very own online 'tv' channel: IO-tv. This Wednesday, at 4 PM, we'll launch the station. The inspiration for this initiative comes from the...

No reduction in demand: ASML, for now, only mildly impacted by Corona crisis

No reduction in demand, but still some changes in the delivery of new systems to their clients. President and CEO Peter Wennink expects ASML to be "limitedly impacted" by the Corona crisis. "Until now the COVID-19 outbreak has had a limited impact on ASML’s...

Follow-up: Should Covid-19 measures override privacy?

This week we're taking another look at the corona crisis here in the 'follow-up' section. Where do we stand when it comes to the ethical side of all this innovation that aims to contain the virus? In countries such as China, Taiwan and South Korea, smartphone location...

Dutch investor Kees Koolen: ‘Corona crisis will lead to a total reset of the world’

Dutch entrepreneur Kees Koolen and investor in and Uber from the very outset is busy all day providing support to technological start-ups which he invests in. He has never experienced a crisis as extreme as the current one that's caused by the corona...

Being agile and customizing the conditions

Roel Wessels is a physicist, keyboard player in bands and in daily life project manager for Holland Innovative. Here he blogs about his experiences in the world of high-tech. “I’m the...


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