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Doreen from Germany

People from many different countries live, study and work in Eindhoven. Every week, E52 has a talk with an international about what brought them here and what life is like in Eindhoven. Name: Doreen Westphal Country of origin: Duitsland Work: Designer and entrepeneur in sustainable food We saw Doreen before on We wrote about her work in the development of sustainable food and when she was one of the winners of the Expat Top 10 in 2016. For the Top 10, she was also interviewed and told us she doesn’t see herself as an expat. “That’s still the case. I have been here about 17 years and I don’t want a label. I just live and work here, just like everybody else,” she says with a smile. Bounce Space is her workplace, a building full of tech start-ups and a restaurant where people who want to reintegrate can have some work experience. “Unfortunately the restaurant isn’t public, but we as tenants can eat there.” Bounce Space is hidden behind the big concrete buildings close to Fellenoord. “It’s really cool environment. I ended up here after I had to leave the TD-building. Actually, I’m looking for a space that also has a test kitchen, so if you know a place, let me know!” Doreen has, what she calls, a drive for sustainability: “You can constantly create new stuff, but of...

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Expat top-10: Doreen Westphal, Designer And Founder of Mensch Made Design

The expat top-10 aims the spotlight on the internationals that help Eindhoven progress. E52 sat down with each winning expat to talk about their experiences and perspective on the city they once came to, and never got away from. Today: Doreen Westphal, designer at and founder of Mensch Made Design in Eindhoven. Name: Doreen Westphal Age: 45 Profession: Designer, ‘shifting towards being an entrepeneur’ Living in Eindhoven since: 2011 East-German Doreen Westphal , a student of Theatre Design in Brittain, developed into a designer who focuses on products that can be made in a durable fashion while in Eindhoven. She is gradually shifting...

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Protein-rich food becomes more sustainable with Botanic Bites

On a piece of land, you can grow up to fifteen times more vegetable proteins than animal proteins. That’s what Doreen Westphal discovered during a study. That’s why during the Dutch Design Week, she will show a sausage of oyster mushrooms, from which you can eat with fifteen people. More about Doreen Westphal and Botanic Bites on E52 Oyster mushrooms Through a collaboration with the ZLTO (Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie) and BKKC, Westphal came into contact with an oyster mushroom farmer. “During the Dutch Design Week in 2016, speed dates were organized between farmers and designers. After all, farmers...

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11 expats, 22 opinions on Eindhoven

Early June we presented the top 10 Expats. To be completely honest, we made it into a top-11, because the jury didn’t know who to skip from the almost-final list. Milan Lenters and Bob Munten interviewed all of them. You can read their insights in these 11 stories here. Of course all of the awarded expats have strong opinions on their second home town, Eindhoven. We collected the most eye catching among them here. Enjoy! “I want to express myself and that’s all possible here. The open, welcoming attitude in Eindhoven is really nice.” Jorge Alves Lino “People here have a...

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