Pioneers of the TU/e (8): Maarten Steinbuch

For a Cursor Special about the explorer, Monique van de Ven and Tom Jeltes interviewed eight pioneers of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Today: university professor […]

Speed limits on the Autobahn

The urgency of the climate problem demands us to work more from home, and also to apply maximum speed limits everywhere in Europe, Maarten Steinbuch writes.

Lightyear: efficiency above anything else

Columnist Carlo van de Weijer reflects upon the Helmond-based car manufacturer's record breaking milestone. Being efficient may be more rewarding than being luxurious, he writes.

Into the air – fast and clean

Ten years after his first experience with an electric car, Maarten Steinbuch has now flown electric for the first time. He describes his experiences.

Where is the driver?

Clearly naming all the parties involved in an accident can bring more awareness that participating in traffic involves more responsibility than just thinking we can do it, Carlo van de Weijer writes.

Are we going to fly supersonic after all?

Sooner or later our irrational thirst for speed will make us fly supersonic again. For now, this is too expensive to be a realistic option, and rather shameless as well, Carlo van de Weijer writes.

Fast, faster, fastest charging on the go

Maarten Steinbuch's experience with the 250 kW charger shows that electric driving is entering the next phase. Throughout Europe, fast-chargers are now being installed.