Every sport has its own scene. Tricking is known for having an open culture where knowledge is widely shared among its members. Knowledge about how to train your body and how to eat healthy. The tricking community is a warm community. “We are just like hippies.”

This is a series of portraits of the people behind EMOVES, Eindhoven’s annual urban culture festival.


Tricking is a mixture of different sports. Many of the movements originate from karate and taekwondo and are combined with dance forms from capoeira, gymnastics and breakdance. Trickers participate in battles in which they show their kicks, backflips and gainers (a backflip in which you land on one foot and start another backflip right away). A jury will then choose the best performance.

Unlike breakdance, tricking doesn’t originate from street culture, Kelian Cieslak tells us. He is a double Dutch champion and organiser of Shut Up & Trick (the tricking event during EMOVES). The sport has its origins in martial arts and … Continue reading

Photos: Bram Berkien

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