Philips Lighting, with its headquarters at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, changes the company name to Signify. “The choice for this new company name stems from the fact that light is becoming more and more relevant, it connects and gives meaning. Light is thus becoming a new intelligent language”, says the company in an explanatory note.

Signify will continue to use the Philips brand under its existing license agreement with Koninklijke Philips.

“We are pleased to announce our new company name as another step in our transformation”, said Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting. “Our new company name reflects our strategic vision and represents a great opportunity to introduce a new look and feel that is characteristic of us and contributes to an even better connection between our 32,000 employees. At the same time, we are proud to continue to use the Philips brand for our products.”

The roots of Philips Lighting are more than 125 years old after Frederik and Gerard Philips set up their incandescent lamp factory in Eindhoven in 1891. Today, the company is active in conventional lighting, LED lighting and lighting connected to the Internet.

The new company name meets the contractual requirements to rename the company within 18 months of Royal Philips’ ceasing to have a controlling interest.

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