The Eindhoven Parktheater is already putting years of effort in becoming more and more international. This year the theater makes its next step in this progress by offering an English version of the theater’s brochure. Specially made for Eindhoven’s international inhabitant.

On the 6th of May, the Parktheater will launch its new brochure with the program for 2017/2018. This Saturday the Dutch version of the brochure will be spread throughout the city. For the non-Dutch speakers, there is an English version online. Not only the brochure is translated; on the website of the Parktheater, access is given to all the season’s performances with texts in English.

But not only the translations are a step further in the process internationalization. For example, the Parktheater offers this year many shows accessible for internationals, such as ten performances in English. Also, last year’s Laughing Lizard will return. This year it will be four times instead of just once. During this evening the room Kameleon will be turned into a café, with its ambiance included. The audience can enjoy this evening full of laughter along with a drink in their hands.

For all you cultural fans check out the website.

Photography by: Stef Nagel & René Kapel

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