Succes met de houten bril: de Freisinger start-up Freissicht Eyewear behaalde de eerste plaats in de start-upcompetitie Plan B. Van links naar rechts: Sebastian Wittmann, oprichter & CEO; Thomas Winter, Design; Linus Frank, oprichter & CTO ©Freisicht-Eyewear]
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A pair of wood glasses? Is that even possible? – Of course, because ‘no can do, does not excist’ according to the resourceful designers from Freising in Upper Bavaria. In cooperation with the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and thanks to the know-how of Frank Instrumentenbau, Freisicht Eyewear start-up emerged and developed the so-called Woodflex technology for modifying wood. They thus created the basis for the design of elegant wooden glasses.

The process, for which a patent has been applied, makes it possible to individually design spectacles from a single piece of solid wood for the first time. Neither plywood nor material mixtures are used. The optician after, heats the spectacle using a valve – a hot-air device common in the optical workshop – and ergonomically modifies it to fit the customer’s face. As the wood, when heated, becomes slightly ‘doughy’, it can be formed. It solidifies after cooling down again. To ensure that the glazing remains to be risk-free, a locking block is incorporated into the frame. This can be opened with a slotted screwdriver to insert the glasses. As soon as the screws are tightened again, the fine gap is barely visible.


The wooden glasses from Freisicht have similar characteristics as conventional glasses made out of acetate or metal. However, they very much impress with their exclusive character and sustainability. The frames are handcrafted on site in Freising. In addition, the eyewear pioneers exclusively use local wood types such as walnut and maple. The wood surface is treated in such a way that simple staining is easy to clean. The glasses are also protected from sweat and moisture. Individual grains and patina make each piece unique. The glasses are also provided with elegant cases made of oak wood. The cases provide the designer pieces with full protection and excel in the highest quality standards. Exceptionally appealing: The cases are manufactured in the Steinhöringer workshops for people with disabilities.


Furthermore, at the end of January, the Freising wood eyewear designers have been awarded first place in the Bavarian PlanB start-up competition. Business ideas for the biobased economy were particularly honoured. Winning the competition, the start-up company received 5.500 Euro prize money and a starter unit at the BioCubator start-up centre in Straubing. “We will use the prize money for the further development of the company,” said Wittmann, delighted with the award, “this is a wonderful opportunity for us to convince even more people of the possibilities wood has as a material and to accumulate many more customers and fans.