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From software systems to reduce paperwork to fully autonomous robots the Vision, Robotics & Motion trade fair will take visitors into the world of automation and digitalization on June 5 and 6, 2024. In the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, the most advanced cobots and the most accurate vision technology will be on the showcase. “More and more manufacturing companies want to automate for several reasons. For example, there is an ongoing shortage in the labor market, which means that companies have to work more efficiently. In addition, product requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. Robots and cobots offer a solution. But where do you start? With this fair, we show the possibilities and bring companies in contact with each other,” says Charlotte de Jong, program manager of Vision, Robotics & Motion at Mikrocentrum, the company organizing the event.

This year, the trade fair will include a new pillar: Digital Innovation. This pillar focuses on digitization opportunities and solutions for companies in the manufacturing industry. “We see that digitalization and automation always go hand in hand; without digitalization, you can hardly automate. Therefore, digitalization and automation can hardly exist separately. That makes the combination at the fair very interesting,” says Timo van Leent, manager of the Events Department at Mikrocentrum.  “Entrepreneurs can get informed about the latest trends. Moreover, the stories of others are often inspiring.”

Why is this important

Digitalization and automation are having a major impact on the manufacturing industry. Developments are going fast. Events such as Vision, Robotics & Motion give professionals an overview of the current possibilities and the trends towards the future.

The beginning is difficult

Van Leent sees that smaller companies in particular need help to take the first steps toward digitization and automation. They often do not have large ICT departments with huge budgets to experiment. But the market does require them to follow the latest innovation trends. “At Vision, Robotics & Motion, entrepreneurs gain insight into what digitalization and automation can mean for them,” says Van Leent. The fair features several exhibitors with the latest technologies, and there are a large number of workshops and lectures to attend.

De Jong adds: “Vision, Robotics & Motion is the one-stop shop for the factory of the future.” She emphasizes that the fair is of interest to both small and large companies, at different stages of automation and digitalization. “For companies at the beginning of that process, it is valuable to see what is possible. But there is plenty on offer for entrepreneurs who are already further along and want to go deeper into certain aspects.” Networking is key at the fair; visitors can get to know many people in a short time. In addition to companies offering new technologies, consultants and subsidy sources are also present.

Building a network

One of the exhibitors on the show floor of the new Digital Innovation pillar is software company Xibis. “We provide appropriate software packages for the manufacturing industry. You can’t digitize and automate without a good ERP (enterprise resource planning) backbone,” said Sijmon van den Berg, general manager at Xibis. The company has customers in the fields of machinery and equipment construction, aerospace, automotive, electronics, furniture industry and construction supply. “Some companies are already at an advanced stage when it comes to digitization, while others are still at the beginning. We can use our software to ensure no more paper is needed in an organization.”

Learning and discovery

In addition to the exhibitors and demos on the show floor, there is also an extensive lecture program. “This is an important aspect because software is not always a tangible thing. Through lectures, as a visitor, you still get a good idea of the possibilities,” Van Leent said. For example, Dennis van Kleef, baggage program leader at Schiphol Group, gives a lecture that provides insight with into automating baggage handling at the airport. “That, in turn, can inspire other companies working on automating warehousing,” De Jong outlines. Strengthening the network in the high-tech manufacturing industry and inspiring entrepreneurs are, therefore, important starting points for the fair.

Vision, Robotics & Motion is free to visit on June 5 and 6, 2024 in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. You can register via this site.


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