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There’s also plenty to do this year during the Dutch Technology Week (May 31-June 5, 2021). We wrote earlier that the program consists of a mix of online and physical activities. Besides the events for education, there are also several online events for students and professionals.

Collaboration between education and business

The DTW Talks section is offering the latter group of people an exciting program. The subjects that are covered include how technology contributes to social solutions, new technologies and future trends.

This year’s Talks are organized around four key themes. The first theme concerns the collaboration between education and business. For example, what happens when the two join forces in the field of technology promotion? The kick-off will take place on Monday morning, May 31. The Students on Stage talk will be given by students from the Summa College, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

Starting and growing in tech is the second key pillar. Here, Rabobank is providing young entrepreneurial companies with a platform. The main focus is centred on what is needed to make the transition from a start-up to a scale-up. Food and Agri-Tech, Medtech and Hightech are the most important themes covered here. For example, two entrepreneurs from this sector will be interviewed during the Talk on Starting and growing in Food and Agritech.

Technologies of the future

The third key theme concerns promising technologies, such as adaptive manufacturing and photonics. What do these technologies mean for us and what can they offer us in the future? During one of the Talks, tech entrepreneur Jim Stolze will focus on the impact that AI is going to have on the way we live, work and organize ourselves. Drawing on a deep-fake demo from the Serpentine AI student team, he will discuss what makes AI different from other technologies.

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AI technique and ethics. Photo: Bram Saeys

The contribution of technology in solving societal problems is the fourth theme of the DTW Talks. Among others, there are Talks on the value of AI in healthcare, the future of mobility and cleaner road transport. On the latter subject, Ron Borsboom, Executive Director Product Development at DAF Trucks N.V., will talk about all the developments surrounding the range of alternative powertrains. He will also address the question of what these new technologies, new regulations and new applications for transportation mean for the employee of the future.

All DTW Talks are being broadcast from the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, with Bart Brouwers of Innovation Origins as the moderator. Each Talk lasts 25 minutes. The various experts first deliver a lecture or a presentation, followed by a discussion with Brouwers. There is also room for the participants to ask questions from home and get a chance to talk to the experts.

DTW Online Podium

The Talks are aired via the DTW Online Podium. This is an online 3D environment in which interaction with speakers is possible via chat. Afterwards, networking can be done at the networking plaza on this podium. This is also the place where it is possible to carry on a conversation with any of the speakers or their colleagues.

Apart from this, it’s also possible to ask the other participants questions and/or invite them for a one-on-one conversation. All this is accompanied by the unique sight of The Klokgebouw in Eindhoven where a lot of in-person events took place before the corona crisis broke out. This is why the building was known as ‘the home of the Dutch Technology Week’.

For a complete overview of the program of the DTW Talks, go to:

Participation is free, but please note that registration is required in advance to gain access to the online podium