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There is no greater energy source than the sun itself. It can provide us with an abundance of energy and it is always accessible. Recent trends of technology are focused on using solar energy to create clean and nonpolluting methods to curb the issues affecting the environment. Innovators are focusing to harness the energy of the sun towards generating sustainable options that would replace all the conventional sources of energy. 

Solar energy inventions are not only creating an impact on improving the environment but also on our daily lives. We collected some of the latest solar technology and innovations that are helping people all over the world.

Solar Windows

Solar windows are just like your regular windows but they differ in one feature. They can convert the sun’s rays into energy. In this kind of window, quantum dots are used instead of silicon which is used in more conventional solar panels. Quantum dots absorb non-visible sunlight and send it back to the solar cells which are placed on the sides of the window panes. These solar cells further absorb that light and electricity is made. 

Though this concept is not yet into mass commercial production, it is still gaining pace in many parts of the world. Soon enough right from commercial buildings to bus stops to your home windows, electricity through these solar windows will be maximized.

Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar-powered gadgets are making huge leaps over the past few years. You can get all sorts of solar-powered gadgets right from the cooker, water boiler, generators to an ice machine maker. Equipped with these new gadgets you can count on unlimited battery power with you wherever you go. If this sounds like something you want to consider further, then at Simple Solar Living you can get all the information you need to go in the way you decide to. You will always have a power source near you to see, cook, call for help or whip out a cool glass of drink on a hot day. The more solar panels on your energy source device the more power you will be able to generate through it. You can also find portable options that can easily fit in your backpack. 

Solar Cars

Imagine never having to worry about the price of petrol and oil when you are deciding on a long road trip or doing your monthly budget. As the interest in renewable and sustainable energy systems grows, solar-powered cars are taking a lead to the front lines. Automobile companies are competing to reach the finish line towards making solar cars which would well change the future of the automotive industry. 

Solar cars hit the streets © Lightyear

Though many prototypes are in the development phase, one element that is surfacing as a doable option for this type of car is to use photovoltaic cells to convert energy from sunlight to electricity. This enables the cars to store solar energy in the batteries that allow them to run smoothly at night. If this groundbreaking innovation reaches its potential success we are headed to an environment that is less prone to pollution.

Solar Paint

This kind of paint consists of the liquid form of thin-film solar panels. It can be applied to any solid surface like walls of your house, fences, sheds, etc. This can benefit you in having a self-sustained house as you can utilize the natural resources to generate power than depend on conventional methods and also reduce your expenses on electricity bills. Furthermore, a solar power source will make your house less susceptible to power outages. 

To add further benefit, solar paint doesn’t stand out like other solar panels and actually blends smoothly with your house. It provides clean and sustainable energy without being intrusive. Also keep in mind, by adding this element to your house, you will definitely increase the property’s worth for prospective buyers.

Solar Water Heating Systems

In cold countries, it is a common fact that heating water is very expensive. It requires a lot of energy. In most households and businesses this is an expense that is borne by using energy that is generated from fossil fuels like gas and oil. Though more people are adopting modern boilers which run on gas, there are still many who use electricity to heat water. Solar water heating systems provide a great benefit of reducing the energy cost that is associated with heating water. 

With this type of heating, the sun’s energy is used to heat water which is further stored in the hot water tank. It can be drawn and used as and when required. You can not only reduce the cost but also reduce your carbon footprint by opting for this method.

How Solar Energy Will Lead to a Better Tomorrow

The above mentioned are only a few of the many developments in the field of solar energy. As we speak, more products and technologies are being developed to run on this energy. As the cost of using conventional energy increases and burdens many, this option is being adopted by many households as well as businesses to gain more cost-effectiveness. 

The cost of putting up solar energy-related systems is the sole daunting task for many people. Though it requires expensive capital to start with, it is a long-term investment that will reap benefits for years to come. It saves property owners from any future potential fluctuations in energy cost. Also, it takes people ahead with a step towards green living. 

One of the biggest benefits that mankind shall get from using solar energy is the control of global warming. With more activities taking place which causes emissions and thereby increases the temperature of our planet, we are seeing a significant impact of it on the environment, our health, and the climate too. 

Renewable energy will pave the way from little emission to no global warming emissions. This could lead to reduced air and water pollution which will further help all of us lead a much healthier life.