ULU, the Eindhoven connected car company that offers telematics solutions for businesses, insurers and owners of large fleets, has taken over hardware manufacturer Velio Technologies. This manufacturer from Shenzhen (China) supplies ULU dongles to the Dutch company. To finance further growth, the company has raised an additional investment of around € 1 million raised by entrepreneur Christian Kerssens and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM). Kerssens, founder of Velio, is the new CEO of ULU.

ULU is one of the former winners of E52’s Startups-to-watch


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    Miriam Dragstra, director at BOM Capital, sees investment opportunities and social value in the development of connected cars. “The proposition of ULU fits us well. As an investor of the first hour, I am delighted that we can also enable further growth ”

    ULU introduces the first plug-and-play journey registration system in the Netherlands that has been officially approved by Tax Authorities. 

    ULU wants to develop a new product line and two new products: SME trip registration and ZZP trip registration, focusing on the different groups of users who benefit from using the dongle and the corresponding app.

    ULU is the first plug & play journey registration system for motorists getting the seal of approval of the tax authorities. Exported trips are tracked automatically, and the entrepreneur can download the trip registration via the online platform of ULU and submit it to the tax authorities. It also meets the mark with the requirements in the field of fraud-proofing and privacy.

    Installing the ULU dongle in the vehicle requires no special knowledge. The user puts the device itself into the OBD port of the car, like a USB port. Other existing fleetmanagement systems must be installed and require high investments that are not profitable for the smaller trader. Freelancers have to pay almost 60 cents a day to use the service. On top of trip registration the ULU app keeps track of location, driving and maintenance status of the car.

    Christian Kerssens, the new CEO of ULU especially sees this as the benefits of his service. “With this dongle users no longer depend on companies to install the equipment. This allows us to also offer the solution through alternative sales channels. So the journey registration is not only for sale through our website, but it is also available at the online shops of CoolBlue.”

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