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Eindhoven University of Technology tops a list of the universities that have co-authored the most papers with the world’s most innovative organisations. According to research from Clarivate Analytics, the TU/e published 1,316 papers with the top 25 companies that feature in Clarivate’s list of the Top 100 Global Innovators.

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Eindhoven is 25% more successful than runner up on the list: Harvard. US universities dominate the top 25 with 14 universities. Besides Eindhoven, the Netherlands has three quotations: Delft (9th place), Utrecht (20th) and Amsterdam (21st).

According Clarivate it is striking that almost all universities in the top 25 have an innovative business in the immediate area. For TU/e this is Philips, the researchers said.

The results of the investigation correspond with the study that Professor Robert Tijssen performed recently. He concluded that the TU/e can be judged as very innovative and enterprising because of the relatively strong links with industry. Tijssen, Professor of Science and Innovation Studies at Leiden University, calls the TU/e the undisputed number one in the world at this point. Main indicator for this, according to him, is the number of scientists that not only work for the university but also for a company. Thijsen, who examined 750 universities worldwide for his lists, explains TU/e’s high score by the proximity of Philips Research – exactly the same explanation as Clarivate gives.