Eurotech Munich Venture
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[this article contains two videos of the event]

Leif Luehmann, a student at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), won this year’s pitch competition at the end of Eurotech‘s European Venture Programme with his startup Transport Heroes. In the finals, he defeated fellow TUM-student Alex Pohl with Contunity and Jeroen Bleker from Eindhoven with his startup Spike. Bram Cappers, also from the TU/e, won the prize for the best 2-pager with his plan for Eventpad.

The Eindhoven University of Technology hosted the final event of the annual programme. Out of 22 different startups from five technical universities across Europe, the German pitches were most convincing, according to a jury of three specialists in entrepreneurship.

This video shows the introduction by organiser Steven van Huiden, the elevator pitches of the 10 semi-finalists, and the decision of the jury:

The EVP is an intensive 12-day program takes entrepreneurs on a journey to four different ecosystems in Europe to enable startups to grow their business beyond borders. They already visited DTU Copenhagen, EPFL Lausanne, and TUM Munich (the four partner universities in the EuroTech Alliance, recently joined by l’X Polytechnique in Paris) for several components involved in creating a business.

TU Munich is Winner of the Eurotech Venture Programme

Piet van der Wielen, one of the jury members, shared some serious advise with the winner at the end: “Google the hell out of your potential competition! There’s always a company similar to yours. And if you didn’t find it on page 1, go to page 2, 3 and 4. And learn from it, try to find that one aspect that distinguishes you from the rest.”

After the elevator pitch, the three finalists had to deliver three longer pitches. Here’s the complete effort by the winner: