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In our Sunday newsletter, we as editors, look back on the past seven days. We do this on the initiative of our cartoonist Albert Jan Rasker. He picks a topic, draws a picture, and we take it from there.

Delivery drones, takeaway booths, and autonomous robots in warehouses: we write about them on a daily basis at Innovation Origins. But there’s something odd about these developments. No matter how often we link this trend to an (expected) loss of jobs, the less that seems to be happening – for now. Despite all this automation, labor productivity growth is even stagnating.

With that in mind, colleague Aafke Eppinga knocked at the door of two experts in this field: Alfred Kleinknecht and Henk Volberda. With a series of clear arguments, they explain in great detail why it will take much longer than you might expect before robots will indeed take over our jobs. But, they also assure us: it is going to happen. Volberda: “Many new, breakthrough technologies are still in development. I think we have to be patient for a while, it could just be that between 2025 and 2050, we do start to see the effects of all new technologies in productivity.”

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Work productivity is stagnating; do we expect too much from new technologies?

It seems our cartoonist can’t wait for that moment to arrive. Honestly, in one of his prior cartoons, he already showed what this trend could do to him and his colleagues:

What if artificial intelligence decides what art is – and what not?

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