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Right at the moment of the announcement that Eindhoven Airport will be a pilot case for the national aviation policy, the airport is also coming up with its own vision of the future. With the cooperation of Amber Mobility and PostNL, Eindhoven Airport made a 5-minute video that should give you a feeling of what traveling will look like in the near future.

toekomst Eindhoven Airport videoA key role in this is played by the travel app that works on facial recognition. This starts with the selfie that is made at home for check-in but continues throughout the process, up to and including the lunch that is ready at the airport at exactly the right time.

toekomst Eindhoven Airport videoIn the meantime, not only the journey itself is arranged, but also the transport of suitcases (via a pre-marked PostNL car) and passenger (via the autonomous Amber car). And passing the security check for the gates is as smooth as leaving your own front door. Welcome to the future.