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Oopsie Heroes, a children’s product developed by Eindhoven based wearable technology company LifeSense Group, is now 100% reimbursed by Dutch health insurers VGZ and CZ, possibly followed by other insurers. With its product, LifeSense Group hopes to “remove the stigma associated with children’s bedwetting and empower families around the globe to eliminate urine loss”. Oopsie Heroes will be available from April 2020 to families in The Netherlands; LifeSense Group’s goal is to market it globally.

Following the success of Carin, LifeSense Group launched Oopsie Heroes last year. The product was developed with over 100 children in The Netherlands. Oopsie Heroes is comprised of a small sensor which can be easily attached to any pair of underwear or pyjama bottoms. During the night, “when a child has one of those ‘Oopsie Moments'”, the sensor will send an audio signal to the mobile device running the connected app. The app will then awaken the child so he or she can get to the toilet on time.

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