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Team FAST, so far best known for the initiative to drive a bus on formic acid, has developed a generator that works on hydrozine (formic acid). The student team has signed an agreement with construction company BAM Infra to use the hydrozine generator for the energy requirements in one of BAM Infra’s construction sites.

The letter of intent was signed at the Automotive Campus in Helmond in the presence of Prince Constantijn, Special Envoy of StartupDelta. StartupDelta is an organization that helps startups by giving them access to capital, networks, and markets.

BAM Infra wants to provide more construction sites with the hydrozine generators in the long term.

Hydrozine is an energy carrier that makes it possible to store sustainable energy in a liquid. In the Hydrozine generator, the stored energy is extracted from the formic acid and delivered to the construction site. The generator only emits water vapor and CO2. The CO2 has no effect on the environment because just as much CO2 is used during the production of formic acid. This means that, according to the inventors, the use is completely climate-neutral.

BvOF 2018_0307_FS - Team FAST + Launching Customer BAM
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