‘Quit your job for one day a week’

A conversation with Maarten Steinbuch, Professor of Systems and Control at the Eindhoven University of Technology four days a week, and an entrepreneur one day a week.

Your own skin as a running coach

Exercising is healthy, but it can also lead to injuries. The Amsterdam University Medical Center and the TU/e are doing research on interactive stickers that tell you how healthy you really are.

Pocket-sized sustainable bike lights

Never cycling without lights again, that's the dream of the Dutch KEBL student team. With lights that easily fit into your pocket. The students are seeking a partner to bring it to the market.

Solar cells on a roll

In this column, we feature a follow-up story to one of our best-read stories. Like the one about a new type of solar cell built from perovskite. What does this solar cell mean for solar energy?

Test and experience the workplace of the future

Will we move more during work in future? Will we be alerted if we are mentally overworked? Companies and staff can test and experience innovations in the workplace at the Workplace Vitality Hub.