Artwork as an indictment and a solution in one

During the Dutch Design Week, 2600 designers are showing their work. From student debt to corona ruts and the housing shortage, social problems often prove to be a source of inspiration for the most w

Emo design is needed now more than ever

Design can bring joy into people's lives. And that is exactly what we need in these times of doom and gloom argues Eveline van Zeeland. Therefore: Long live emo design!

The dos and don’ts for protecting your designs

Our patent expert columnist Hans Helsloot took a virtual look at the online Dutch Design Week and reached a shocking conclusion: lots of beautiful designs are not protected. This can be done better!

Could you live in a cardboard house?

The Dutch Design Week is not all about new gadgets or cool gadgets. Instead it gives designers the space to explore the future. What will […]