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“Students only drink beer and wander from party to party.” Business-core Eindhoven is trying to debunk this stereotype. The committee of six students organizes workshops, visits to companies and “content days”. All this with the aim of reducing the gap between students and the industry. In the midst of the Dutch Technology Week, on Wednesday May 25th, the 5th edition of the Eindhoven Student Symposium will take place.

Where normally PSV play their matches, the Philips stadium will this day be open for students who want to get acquainted with different companies. Including Cap Gemini, Nedap, Philips and the Ministry of Defence are present. “We show them that we, as students, can also be serious people. It is an intellectual stimulus for our fellow students. ”

E52 publishes a series of articles in preparation for the Dutch Technology Week (23-29 May). This is the third part. Here the earlier parts.


Martijn de Wit (bottom row, center)
Martijn de Wit (bottom row, center)

Martijn de Wit is in its fourth year Industrial Engineering and is President of Business-core Eindhoven. According to him, it is important for students to become acquainted with the businesses early as possible during their education. “This is something in which the universities could perform better, students often have no idea what will be waiting for them when they have finished their studies.”

At various meetings of Business-core Eindhoven the students learn how companies operate and what they can expect when they start looking for a job. “Not only through lectures but also by actively involving them. Companies like Philips come up with business cases, for example. How to bring a new product to market, how does this work? What will you encounter? Through this, students learn how companies work and they find out whether it is possible and interesting to work for such a company. ”

On May 25, the Symposium consists of four parts:

  • Lectures: “Speakers deal with issues that are relevant for students: internships, work experience, foreign experience.”
  • Workshops: “In business case studies, students learn how companies work, and whether the company suits them.”
  • Networking: “Here, students an companies can exchange contacts and see if they can mean something for each other.”
  • Recruitment dinner: “Students engage in conversation with recruiters and can show what they are capable of. The tables are changed after every course so that everyone is talking to each other.”

According to De Wit they get positive reactions to the event every year. It is the first year that the various parts of the Symposium will also be organized separately. “Previous years there was only the Symposium, but visitors wanted more than just an annual event. Therefore, we are going to do more: company visits, ‘content days’ and networking events.”

The partnership with Brainport is essential, he stresses. “There’s such a large network there, that’s how we achieved to visit ASML and NXP, which are great companies for students to look inside.”

The companies will benefit from this collaboration as well: “Recruiters obviously are on the look-out, they are spotting all the talents. Because of the many contact moments the top students are visible more quickly”, says De Wit.

Martijn de Wit and his team remain busy promoting their event for another month. “At the university for example, but also at various student associations. We offer each of them a barrel of beer. Even though we are very serious, we remain students.”

On May 25 there is room for up to 200 people; registration is still possible.