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Good news for Usono. The Eindhoven based startup raised the necessary €150,000 (via Leapfunder) needed for the further development of the ProbeFix. This tool enables the creation of echoes without the holding it with the hand. Usono sees applications for the ProbeFix in hospitals and in sports.

Ultrasound is used to produce internal images of, for example, an embryo. This technique is applied in departments such as cardiology, but not often enough, according Usono. Because the practitioner has to hold the ultrasound button by hand, he only has one hand free, and has to turn his body in weird bends to perform the ultrasound tool. That is no longer the case with the ProbeFix.

Usono was part of HighTechXL, the accelerator of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. After the completion of that program, Usono has taken up residence in HighTechXL Plaza.