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The month of November is already in full swing. However, at IO we’re taking a look back at the month of October. After all, we still owe you a Start-up of the Month! Each workday at IO you can follow those innovation-mad pioneers who are trying to bring the unexplored world of the future and science fiction into the present.

Our editorial staff will choose a weekly winner from all these participants and these weekly winners will compete against each other for the monthly trophy at the end of the month. And as we are not averse to a bit of democracy, our readers also get to have a say.

The winner of the Start-up of the Month October is … *drum roll* – the Swiss super battery from High Performance Battery Holding AG! They’re running off with the everlasting honor and this wonderful sketch by Christiane Manow-Le Ruyet.

/Christiane Manow-Le Ruyet

Got a taste for it

“Wow, we’re delighted that we’ve managed it. It was a breathtaking neck-and-neck race against Hawa Dawa until the very last moment,” says a jubilant Dr. Sebastian Heinz, one of the spiritual leaders of High Performance Battery Holding. ” This win is an incentive for us to keep on going. We are very grateful to everyone who voted for us. We didn’t expect that our battery of the future could count on so much support from social media!”

“Entirely in line with the quote: “After the game is before the game,” we’re now sauntering ahead. We are already looking forward to the results of the Innovation Origins: Start-Up of the Year Award,” states this month’s winner from Teufen, Switzerland.

Every weekday we select a European start-up of the day and at the end of every week, we choose a weekly winner. At the beginning of the new month, readers can have a say in who will be honored with the Start-up of the Month award. In recent months, the winners have come from all over Europe. Last June from Italy, from Spain in July, from England in August and our Eastern neighbours triumphed in September.

The monthly winners will also compete for the first Innovation Origins Start-up of the Year, to be chosen in mid-2020!

End results for Start-up of the Month: October

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