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Skoon Energy B.V. (“Skoon”) is a young company on a mission to accelerate the energy transition through the setting up of a network for versatile exchangeable batteries for sharing, renting and leasing. The focus of Skoon is on building a trusted community marketplace to find, book and offer energy storage for mobile and/or temporary applications for businesses. Containerized energy storage can be used on ships, construction sites, electricity grids and during festivals, etc. It can be used to deliver peak power demand, or as a replacement of fossil-fuel based energy sources. Managing a network of large batteries allows Skoon to provide energy solutions to a vast wide-ranging number of customers.

The Skoon team. Picture: Rolf van Koppen

What distinguishes Skoon from other companies?

Co-founder Daan Geldermans: “We work closely together with our customers and understand their needs and challenges. The Skoon Cloud platform, on which large batteries are shared by owners and users, has been built by taking the needs of a wide variety of customers and partners into account.”

What has been your greatest challenge up until now?

A rapid scale-up is important for Skoon, but also a challenge. The market adoption process happens only gradually within this new market for large mobile batteries.

What makes you proud?

It makes me proud to see that large companies believe in Skoon and are eager to work with us, such as Damen Shipyards and Koolen Industries. Together we are developing mobile energy solutions for many different applications.

What can we expect from you in the coming year?

The coming year will be a very important one for Skoon. Several major things will start emerging in the coming period. We will begin testing our Skoonbox by powering an inland boat which will sail between Rotterdam and Hengelo. The Skoonbox is a 20ft standard container filled with lithium batteries. Besides that, we will be launching the Skoon Cloud on which third parties can either book or offer their battery. This will also mark the start of our international expansion.

And the next five years?

Fortunately, the amount of renewable energy on our grid will increase significantly in the upcoming five years. Wind and solar plants produce additional energy which is frequently not immediately used by the consumer. Therefore, energy storage will play an important role. If everything goes according to plan, Skoon will also play an active role in international energy transition by making the use of large batteries accessible. Internationally, thousands of mobile batteries are supporting local, national and continental electricity grids, which in turn enables large scale use of clean energy.

What is your ultimate goal?

We are working towards a world where you can see Skoonboxes everywhere being used for many different applications. Ships are able to sail from A to B without any emissions, and festivals are powered without noisy pollutant diesel generators. Booking your energy storage must be as easy as booking a taxi. That is what we call clean energy on demand.

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