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Out of 600 worldwide selected robotics companies within the logistics sector, Smart Robotics belongs to the top-5. This is shown by an analysis of Startus Insights, a global organisation specialising in research into the growth of innovative companies. Smart Robotics also scores high in the total logistics sector: Startus mentions the Eindhoven-based company here as one of the eight companies (out of a total of 40,000 startups that are active in this sector worldwide) that “need to be watched”. Smart Robotics is a former winner of the Gerard and Anton Awards. Also, Copal from ‘s Heerenberg and Rethink Robotics from Rheinböllen (between Koblenz and Mainz, the company has been owned by the Hahn Group since the end of 2018) are among the top 5.

Smart Robotics

When choosing the top 5 robotics companies in logistics, Startus used “a data-driven scouting approach” and a group of international specialists to identify the most relevant companies and applications worldwide. Smart Robotics came on the list because of their “Pick & Place” robots, one of the two main markets for the company. Startus: “Precise robotics movements have enabled manufacturers to build highly secure pick-and-place robots that work effectively in assembly lines. Sorting products, loading products onto machines, quality control and packaging are the main responsibilities of such robots. ‘Smart, safe and simple’ Smart Robotics uses the third dimension to enable complicated and accurate order picking and placement movements.”

In addition to logistics, where the company works closely with Vanderlande, Smart Robotics also focuses on packaging, including in the food industry. The Smart Robotics palletizer has also recently been nominated for the BOLD Awards.

Smart Robotics In one of the eight subcategories within the logistics sector (Robotics), Smart Robotics is the company “to-watch-out-for”

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