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It has never been done in this way before, but Brainport Smart District Brandevoort wants to establish it: an integral smart city project based on twelve different themes that are all related. Over the past days, the foundations were laid, and within in few months, there needs to be an elaborate plan in place. Program Manager Pieter Portheine: “The implementation begins on Monday. Before the summer, the actual realization of Brainport Smart District can be started.”

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At the Automotive Campus in Helmond from 5 to 8 April, from morning till night, there was just one question asked: how can we build the smartest district in the world in Helmond? The 42 involved in the project (from local residents to specialists from all fields), headed by Swiss consultancy firm Malik, were asked the following key question: “What do we need to start today to make Brainport Smart District by 2022 a lighthouse as the most livable adaptive residential area in the world, using cutting edge research and technology enhancing socio-economic development? ”


“This project goes beyond what we can imagine.”Elphi Nelissen, Decaan Bouwkunde, TU/e

Smart, creative thinkers needed
The Swiss consultancy firm, Malik, led the conference. Among the participants were representatives from the municipalities of Helmond and Eindhoven, the province of North Brabant, TU/e and Tilburg University, several large and small companies, and residents of the current Brandevoort. Helmond councillor, Paul Smeulders, was impressed: “The council is not building the Brainport Smart District alone. Therefore, we need smart, creative thinkers. The past few days prove that there are more than enough in the region.” The themes that serve as building blocks for further elaboration are:

1.       Diversity and participation

2.       Open infrastructure

3.       Green and sustainable city

4.       Resilient city

5.       Attractive built environment

6.       An area with energy

7.       Data

8.       Mobility

9.       Everything as service

10.   Health and wellbeing

11.   Ecosystem

12.   Implementation

Specific actions have been assigned for all themes whereby, from now on, further development is being shaped. The coordination of everything is in the hands of Peter Portheine. Elphi Nelissen, Dean of Architecture at TU/e and one of the initiators of Brainport Smart District, sets high standards: “This project goes beyond what we can imagine. That requires time and money, but above all: to trust everyone involved.