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Developments in quantum computing are in full swing and the potential to take society a step forward is great. We follow the latest developments.

Quix Quantum wins a contract with the German Aerospace Center to deliver a Universal Quantum Computer. The company will deliver 8- and 64-qubit fully Universal Quantum Computers based on photonics, integrating the existing technologies from their processors with sources, detectors. This represents the first commercial sale of Universal Quantum Computers based on light. The customized development for the DLR will be carried out in a joint four-year project in the framework of the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative, says QuiX in a press release.

Development of German quantum computers

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) has provided DLR with funding to develop German quantum computers and establish the associated economic environment. Industry, research institutions, and start-ups will be involved in the initiative under the leadership of DLR.

The problems identified by the DLR include post-quantum cryptography, quantum machine learning, planning optimization for satellite operations, and simulation of chemical redox reactions for the development of battery systems. The addressed topics have an industrial application background as well. Through its own research, DLR has a clear need for the future use of quantum computers in all its focal areas of aeronautics, space, energy, transport, security, and digitization.

Non-universal quantum computer

QuiX Quantum has already developed a non-universal quantum computer with a current running Boson Sampler, which is a special purpose quantum computer. At the core is the QuiX Quantum Photonic Processor in the form of a reprogrammable interferometer. 

Innovation Origins reported back in March about the photonic processors of QuiX, when the company announced the commercial launch. The processor, which was developed at QuiX’ facility in Enschede, the Netherlands, outperforms the current generation of processors by almost a factor of 2. 


The start-up was founded in January 2019 in Enschede, the Netherlands. Since then, they have successfully commercialized market leading technology and recently raised and secured a funding worth €5.5million. Innovation Origins already reported about this earlier on in September. The investment pushed the company one step closer to launching the world’s most powerful photonic quantum computer. The funding was provided by PhotonDelta, FORWARD.one and Oost NL. Now, QuiX Quantum will be the first European company to further develop a Universal Quantum Computer based on photonics as a customer-specific development.

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