Daan Kersten, PhotonFirst

With an innovative, Lego-like system of photonic building blocks, PhotonFirst aims to substantially lower the threshold of using integrated photonics for measurement and data generation. The new system – called Modular Photonics – was presented at the SPIE Photonics West tradeshow in San Francisco. The Alkmaar and Eindhoven-based company also announced it’s planning a foothold on the American West Coast to support existing local customers as well as further expansion.

With this new integrated photonics sensing platform, PhotonFirst’s application engineers are able to configure a dedicated sensing solution for each customer without developing the photonics system completely from scratch. With a targeted application time of only one week compared to the multiple months it takes now, PhotonFirst promises to reduce the lead-time greatly. This allows customers to start measuring and generating data almost instantly.

The technology can be used for a broad range of measurement applications: temperature, vibrations, strain, acceleration, and shape. Since the modular building blocks are standardized, the accessibility of the technology is no longer restricted to the largest companies. With a wide range of combinations, the system covers the vast majority of customer requirements, CEO Daan Kersten says. “This Modular Photonics platform is the first PhotonFirst product line that embodies 15 years of experience and countless applications. Our team has found a unique architecture to use economies of scale at the module level yet keep all technology options open. This is a game-changer!’”

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