Research shows that AI image generators are currently showing us human biases. When AI tools are asked to suggest hundred occupations or characters, less than twenty percent of the tools show images of a woman.

Fighting gender stereotypes

In honor of International Women’s Day 2023, TEDxAmsterdam Women launches MissJourney: an AI-tool created by Ace that generates images exclusively of women, the organisation writes in a press release. From CEOs to leaders, superheroes to doctors and engineers. MissJourney actively counters biased gender stereotypes; the initiators hope it will inspire AI developers to create smart, unbiased solutions.

“AI tools show a homogeneous image when prompting human characters. When asking for, for example, a leader, janitor or scientist, the output is not representative of diversity in society. Educating data scientists about what responsible AI looks like, is one of the solutions for creating more inclusive AI tools. AI developers need to build technology that is fundamentally inclusive, otherwise we are constantly re-establishing old stereotypes,” says Helen Pink, co-organiser of TEDxAmsterdam Women.

MissJourney en MidJourney

The image generator, developed in collaboration with Ace, has built-in logic that helps AI make anti-stereotypical directions to create more diverse results for existing data models.

MissJourney is derived from MidJourney: an independent research lab that designed an artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions.

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