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SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions (SCIL) has secured an investment round led by imec.xpand together with Invest-NL Deep Tech Fonds, RSBG Ventures, and Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM). SCIL, based at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, provides production solutions that empower high-tech industries to create smaller, more efficient photonic and electronic devices. This investment will allow them to accelerate the global deployment of their groundbreaking nanofabrication equipment, materials, and processes.

  • SCIL has spun out of Philips and garnered a 10 million euro investment.
  • The company is working on nano-imprint lithography equipment for the mass production of devices such as AR smart glasses.

Based on technology developed within Philips Research, SCIL has developed nanoimprint lithography equipment and materials that allow for high-volume production of devices such as AR smart glasses, lasers, biosensors, and metalenses for smartphones and other consumer electronics. SCIL says this can be done at a fraction of the costs of alternatives such as DUV and EUV tools.

SCIL is already an established player with a strong customer base. With this growth funding, SCIL wants to scale its business and reinforce its position as an industry leader.

Shared belief

”We are honored to have imec.xpand, Invest-NL, RSBG Ventures, and Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij as shareholders and strategic partners in this exciting phase of our journey”, said Rob Voorkamp, CEO of SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions. “They will provide financial support, strategic insights, and a wealth of experience in fostering technological innovation. Their backing reflects a shared belief in the potential impact of SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions’ technology and will significantly contribute to our growth and success.”

Tom Vanhoutte from lead investor imec.xpand adds: “Nanotechnology is among the key drivers of innovation in the Netherlands. SCIL is excellently positioned for international growth in the rapidly expanding market of nanoimprint applications. We are pleased to be part of this international syndicate of like-minded and value-added investors. We are grateful that Philips had the vision to grow SCIL to the promising company it is today.”

Belgium and the Netherlands

Imec.xpand is a Flemish investment company closely aligned to imec Leuven. In the Belgian newspaper De Tijd, Vanhoutte says that the Flemish government should spend more money on local deep-tech investments. “The Flemish government is rightly investing a lot of money in research and development at Imec, but you must have a surrounding ecosystem of companies. And we see that ecosystem developing better in the Netherlands than in Belgium.”

According to the fund manager, while there is sufficient investment in start-up companies, the problem is in the scale-up phase, which requires larger amounts of money. “It is difficult to find that money on the private market alone. In all neighboring countries, we see the government filling that gap.”