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Nortech AI, a start-up based in Bergen, has secured €2.5 million in funding from climate tech investors. The start-up, established in 2021, is on a mission to enable a data-driven approach to sustainability in the maritime and other heavy industries.

Nortech AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to guide the maritime industry towards sustainability. The company’s plug-and-play solution addresses the lack of connected information in the industry and tackles resource waste. The new funding will be used to develop this platform further and aid the move towards sustainable and intelligent operations. In addition to the maritime industry, the platform can also assist other asset-heavy sectors in their quest for sustainability.

AI: the future of maritime operations

While Nortech AI is making strides in transforming the maritime industry through AI, other companies are also exploring how this powerful technology can improve operations. Among these potential improvements are predictive maintenance and autonomous shipping.

Predictive maintenance utilises AI to analyse data from various sensors installed on maritime vessels. This data can help anticipate potential malfunctions or breakdowns before they occur, saving time and costs associated with unexpected repairs. Furthermore, predictive maintenance can improve the safety of maritime operations, as potential issues can be addressed before they pose a risk to the crew or vessel.

Autonomous shipping is another area in the maritime sector where AI is making waves. Ships equipped with AI systems can navigate the seas without a crew on board. These autonomous vessels can plot the most efficient and safest routes, avoid obstacles, and even comply with international maritime laws. This level of automation not only reduces the cost of maritime shipping but also increases efficiency and safety.