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Based on real-time monitoring of brain and heart activity, the algorithm of start-up AlphaBeats allows the music to be adjusted slightly, allowing the brain to go into an “alpha mode” to relax. There’s music in that, they must have thought at technology company Garmin. Recently, the two companies announced they will investigate how to get top athletes into a flow.

Last year, AlphaBeats raised €1.5 million to improve performance of elite athletes through music and neurofeedback-based brain training.

Earlier, co-founder Han Dirkx told Innovation Origins that music has a powerful effect on the mind. “It helps us relax and unwind to cope with the turbo-speed pace of life. Listening to your favourite tunes puts you in a good mood but listening to “normal” music only goes so far to relieve stress. AlphaBeats enhances the relaxation effect, so you can really relax, even when experiencing high-stress levels. We have the technology to counter stress and bring balance back to your life.”

Simply put, AlphaBeats amplifies the relaxation effect of music. Using AlphaBeats regularly over a period of time changes your brain’s reactions to the world around you. Using a patented biofeedback solution, the start-up learns useres to guide their brainwaves to the desired state – relaxation – by listening to their own favourite music.