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A group of private Dutch investors is supporting the Eindhoven based medtech-startup Bambi Medical with 4 million euros. This investment will enable Bambi Medical to finalize development of its wireless solution for neonatal vital sign monitoring and bring it to the market

The High Tech Campus based startup is developing a neonatal vital sign monitoring system called the Bambi Belt Solution. The new round of investments brings their total funding to date to 4.5 million euros. The company will use the investment to finalize product development, conduct clinical trials and bring the Bambi Belt Solution to the market.

“Fundraising can take up lots of time from a start-up company”,said Fabio Bambang Oetomo, CEO and founder of the company. “I am happy that we have successfully closed the financing round and can now focus again on our two priorities, product development, and business development.”

Bambang Oetomo says that this type of funding by private investors is “pretty unique” for the Netherlands. “Normally a round of this size would be raised with Venture Capitalists and regional development companies. This is more like how companies in Silicon Valley are often financed. Being able to do this here in the Netherlands makes us very proud.”

The main motivator for investors to invest in Bambi Medical was the combination of making an investment with a high impact and at the same time have the expectation of a good financial return, the CEO says. “In addition to t, is the experienced team and strong Supervisory Board give confidence to our investors.”

According to the company, some 20 hospitals from all over Europe and Asia have signed agreements with the intention to participate in clinical trials and buy the Bambi Belt Solution once available on the market.

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