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Ireland-based Positive Carbon raises €2.3 million in an investment round and will expand into Austria. The company specialises in reducing food waste in commercial kitchens through seniors and AI.

The investment in Positive Carbon is an important step in the fight against food waste. This Irish company has developed a system that helps commercial kitchens tackle the problem at its core. It uses sensors and artificial intelligence to monitor and analyse the amount of food thrown away. This allows kitchens to adjust their purchasing and preparation processes, leading to less waste.

  • An investment will allow Positive Carbon to expand into Europe.
  • The company deploys AI and sensors to tackle food waste.

Innovative approach to food waste

Besides Positive Carbon, there are several other initiatives tackling food waste in innovative ways. For instance, there are apps for consumers. An example of such an app is “Too Good To Go.” This allows users to buy unsold meals and food items from local restaurants, supermarkets and other merchants at a discounted price.

Another example are programmes that redirect unsold food items to charitable organisations. One example is “The Real Junk Food Project.” This is a non-profit organisation that operates worldwide. They work with various companies, including supermarkets, restaurants and food producers, to save food that would otherwise be wasted.