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In our Sunday newsletter, we, as editors, look back on the past seven days. We do this on the initiative of our cartoonist Albert Jan Rasker. He picks a subject, makes a drawing, and we take it from there.

A while back, Albert Jan makes a great drawing about the fate that may befall cartoonists: becoming obsolete by the power of artificial intelligence (check out his cartoon again right here). But it’s not just self-mockery that drives him. If last time we, as editors, were still able to laugh at his creation, today he is taking revenge and it is the journalists themselves who are targeted…

Axel Springer warns: journalists will be replaced by AI systems

Well, Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner is not just anybody; it seems that we, too, are to be affected. Indeed, at Innovation Origins, we’re giving it an extra push as well. There’s direct proof of Axel Springer’s prediction: our artificially intelligent “editorial assistant” Laio turned Döpfner’s warning into an excellent article. In it, we learn that artificial intelligence can influence not only content creation and distribution but also have a significant impact on the distribution and revenue side of a media company like Döpfner’s.


Unfortunately, he said, it also means journalists risk being replaced by AI systems such as ChatGPT. This system, indeed, presents both opportunities and challenges for journalists and media companies. On the one hand, AI can help them become more efficient by automating specific tasks such as fact-checking, copy-editing, or transcribing interviews. On the other hand, it can replace specific human labor if it can perform certain tasks better than humans.

We’ve said it before: at Innovation Origins, we’re not afraid of the changes that technology presents to us, even if it involves our own profession. That’s why we rolled out the red carpet for Laio, whom we brought in as a kind of intern. Working independently but under supervision. At the same time, we realize the risks, including ethical and legal ones. However you look at it, these are exciting times!

And beyond…

In addition – as always – we had our sights sharp on all those people and organizations who were busy tackling the enormous tasks of our time. Here is this week’s “sneak preview of the future”:

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And finally, here’s what our AI-powered editor was all about this week: follow Laio.

Have a great, innovative week!