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Philips extends the lease of its three main buildings on the High Tech Campus until at least 2032. This means that the health technology company remains the main tenant of the campus of which Philips is the founder and which is also home to E52. Philips rents a total of 85,000 m², divided over eleven buildings. With this, the company provides accommodation for more than 4,100 employees. The High Tech Campus – “the smartest square kilometre in Europe” – is home to more than 160 companies and research institutes. It employs some 11,000 researchers, product developers and (start-up) entrepreneurs.

Hans de Jong, President Philips Netherlands, emphasizes the importance of the High Tech Campus for Philips: “The High Tech Campus has grown into an extraordinarily important breeding ground for high-quality technologies. For us, it is the ideal place to accelerate, in collaboration with others, the development of new digital technologies and products.” According to De Jong, Philips is investing some 630 million euros in Research & Development in the Netherlands. In 2017, this yielded a total of 1,733 new patent applications.

For Frans Schmetz, director of the High Tech Campus, the extension is an important signal: “Philips’ commitment to such a long-term says everything about the role and sustainability of our high-tech ecosystem. This also gives confidence to the other campus residents, and the guarantee of the presence of Philips also provides a basis for their future.”

In the three main buildings (HTC33, 34, and 36, all buildings on the Campus have a number), different Philips disciplines come together, such as research, design, and innovation services. Philips Lighting (soon: Signify) will also be firmly present at the Campus.

Philips sold the High Tech Campus in 2012 to make it easier for other companies to establish themselves on the site, thereby creating an ecosystem of open innovation.

Philips’ largest innovation hub is located in the Eindhoven region; in addition to the High tech Campus, it also has a major hub at the Health Campus in Best. Other important innovation hubs for Philips are Cambridge (USA), Shanghai (China) and Bangalore (India).