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Philips is using the annual Mobile World Congress, this week in Barcelona, to show its Smart Fusion Pole. “Designed to meet capacity challenges in dense, busy areas”, Philips says, “the Smart Fusion Pole provides the infrastructure necessary for wireless broadband connectivity in an aesthetically designed, energy efficient street light pole that blends seamlessly into the urban landscape.”

American Tower, a global leader in wireless infrastructure, and Philips Lighting have chosen the City of Huntington Beach, California, as the first place to deploy the high capacity mobile connectivity, high quality LED lighting and smart city enablement with the newly developed Smart Fusion Poles. “When Smart Fusion Poles are deployed, the City of Huntington Beach will be the first city in the country to utilize this shared wireless infrastructure smart pole technology.”

200 existing light pole locations in Huntington Beach will be used for the deployment of the smart poles. “We want to be a leader in smart city initiatives to provide residents, businesses and visitors a better city experience and quality of life”, said City of Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey. “Equally important is the ability to maintain the aesthetics of this beautiful seaside city I call home. That’ s why I am excited about the Smart Fusion Pole; it provides the connectivity required for our smart city initiatives without sacrificing the beauty and vista of our city.”

The Smart Fusion Pole includes integrated antennas that are concealed and can support services from multiple mobile operators on a single pole. The pole is optimized for small cell deployment to help solve today’s network challenges while its plug-and-play design provides future-ready access for next-generation technologies, such as 5G and the Internet of Things. Integrated with Philips Hadco and Philips Lumec LED luminaires respectively, the Smart Fusion Poles will also provide high quality and energy efficient light to further enhance the spaces where the poles are installed.