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The sleep apnea devices were recalled in June 2021 due to potential health risks. The settlement has had a financial impact, resulting in a quarterly loss of 998 million euros for Philips. Last year, Philips had already settled for economic damages claimed by customers, setting aside 575 million euros.


The company does not admit any fault for any injury caused by its devices. Philips opted for this settlement to put an end to all uncertainty surrounding the implications of ongoing legal proceedings in the United States.

Background of the dispute

The legal dispute stems from a 2021 recall of sleep apnea devices by Philips. Patients reported inhaling loose foam particles from the devices, which potentially led to health issues. Although Philips settled previously for economic damages, this latest settlement addresses claims for personal injury and future medical monitoring, marking a significant chapter in Philips’ ongoing legal challenges.

Strong annual results last year

Philips had a successful year with sales of EUR 18.2 billion in 2023, of which EUR 5.1 billion in the fourth quarter. The company achieved 7% growth compared to the previous year.