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In a month’s time, XL Day will hit town. Seven start-ups will be presented in the Klokgebouw, which have been working in the hightechXL accelerator program since September. In addition to the pitches, there are also demonstrations of the products they have made. Teams who have previously participated will come back to show how their company is doing. The event is intended to introduce the start-ups to the public and to potential investors. XL Day is on 6 December and starts at 13:00 hrs. Tickets are available here.

Portraits of the start-ups will appear on E52 in the weeks leading up to the XL Day, so you can get acquainted with the young companies. The seven start-ups that are now in the HightechXL program are:

Heartin develops and sells a remote diagnostic cardio service. It is designed to help both healthy people and patients with cardiovascular disease.

OneSoftDigm is a South Korean start-up that makes a portable body fat measuring device.

Project Ipsilon is working on a VR test app and a therapeutic app for regulating sleep cycles, reducing anxiety and visual attention, especially for symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

LiquidWeb creates a platform for interaction between man and machine, based on AI. The aim is to overcome serious physical and communicative disabilities.

Hak Enterprise develops a non-invasive test, which can simultaneously detect infection with the papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer tendency.

Oppi modifies the pigment particles contained in paint, eliminating the need for solvents and other additives to produce paint.

TicTag is developing a new connectivity technology: A multitouch pattern that can be recognized by touchscreens as a digital fingerprint.