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No more noisy phone calls in your car. NXP introduces a new “echo cancellation noise reduction solution” (ECNR) that reduces the problem of noisy voice communications and provides carmakers with “a consumer-pleasing, hands-free calling experience”. The solution combines ECNR software that can be easily ported onto NXP i.MX processors and NXP’s car radio tuners.

Echo and noise can make communication on the road difficult, NXP says. “Echo occurs when the speakers within a car transmit a voice signal from an incoming call, which subsequently ricochets through the vehicle and returns to the microphone. This causes the caller to hear their own voice, which is distracting and can result in broken communications. Additionally, road noise from fans, exhaust, tires, windows, and passengers can infiltrate calls and render them unintelligible, ultimately disrupting the driving experience and causing frustration.”

The ECNR solution deals with both problems by removing echoes and filtering out unwanted noise from the cockpit to enhance the sound quality of conversations.