Emergence Founders © Belia Kortmann
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Emergence Delft is a new TU Delft student team that aims to use interactive art installations to provide more interpretation and explanation of the impact of new, modern, emerging technology. This team comprises 24 Delft students and 12 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Emergence is located in the TU Delft Dream Hall, a multidisciplinary incubator where student teams work on innovative and social projects. The new 36-member team joins the TU Delft Dream Teams group, working on an exoskeleton, hyperloop, hydrogen car and hydrogen boat, AI, and life on the moon.

Food for thought

Getting people to think about everything that is becoming increasingly digital around us is what Emergence wants to stand for. Increasingly, complex technologies are playing a role in our daily lives, the team writes in an introduction. “Think of Spotify’s algorithms that put your favorite songs in a playlist or the increasing use of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence. Emergence Delft wants to offer people insight and clarity on the impact of these technologies through interactive art installations.”

Exactly one year ago, students Angela Hanna (23) and Lars Geluk (23) noticed little attention was being paid to this digitalization around us. Together, Hanna, who previously made art installations and is a TU Delft student, and Geluk, studying at the Art School in The Hague, saw an opportunity to combine this reflection with art. Geluk: “Art is the mirror of society, it is the same for technological developments.” Together with Suus Bout (24) and Nora Overhuijs (23) they decided to set up a Dream Team: Emergence Delft.

“Art is the mirror of society, so it is the same for technological developments.”

Lars Geluk