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TNO has launched an innovative emissions tool that helps the construction industry make environmentally responsible choices. The calculation tool analyzes CO2, NOx, and particulate matter emissions, which was a complex challenge. Users can now calculate the impact of different construction machinery and transport equipment. This provides a solid basis for strategic decisions toward zero-emission construction. The growing awareness of construction projects’ environmental impacts highlights the need for such a tool.

Clarifying complex emissions data

Emissions in the construction sector were previously challenging to calculate unambiguously. The Construction Emissions Tool now provides a method to accurately assess CO₂, NOx, and particulate matter emissions from road transport and construction machinery. Given the increasing pressure on the sector to operate more sustainably, this is crucial. According to Mario de Rooij of TNO, the tool allows companies to “fully calculate their situation and make well-founded decisions.”

The tool’s launch follows the signing of the Clean and Emission-Free Building (SEB) covenant on Oct. 30, 2023. This covenant commits 45 parties to the sustainability of construction equipment and nitrogen reduction.

Practical applicability and future vision

The tool is designed to be flexible and applicable to different types of construction projects. Marcel Scheltinga, logistics manager at construction company M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV, emphasizes how the tool gives them “quicker insight into the impact of measures on expected emissions from projects.” Further developments of the tool are planned, including more accurate emission determination, linking to other relevant tools such as AERIUS, and expanding the scope to ground, road, and hydraulic engineering projects.

Impact on permits and policy

Besides providing insight into emissions, the Building Emissions Tool can also make a difference in obtaining nature permits. This is particularly relevant in light of the nitrogen issue, where construction projects are under a magnifying glass. TNO’s Construction Emissions Tool is a promising development for the construction industry. It offers insight into emissions and a practical guide to emission reduction. The future of emissions management in construction seems a lot brighter with this tool.