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An artificial intelligent cooking robot for restaurants, a revolutionary energy storage system for intensive industry, sanitary pads that perform medical research or a drinking cup that does not spill. Just four of the concepts envisioned by startups from Munich, Copenhagen, Lausanne and Eindhoven who compete for one of the nine coveted places in the EVP’18 finals on August 31at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The European venture Programme (EVP) presents a not so common insight in the latest developments from these four highly innovative regions. Giving both the contestants and the audience a taste of what these various startup cultures have to offer.

For instance, Lausanne’s startup scene is characterized by its compactness but a very international composition of their teams, fusing a wide range of cultural backgrounds to create new concepts. Contrastingly, the startup community in Copenhagen is more local but very much internationally focused when it comes to connecting to foreign markets and trade. According to Denmark UT’s project manager Kristoffer Buch, this originates from a positive mental ‘little brother’ feeling that comes with being from a small country like Denmark. Another interesting thing to see is how Munich’s ‘German Grundlichkeit’ and organizational power compares to the open collaboration based business environment of the Brainport Eindhoven region and how that affects the development of startups.

When it comes to the content, all four regions display a wide diversity of startups with small shifts in emphasis on medical technology in one place or digital services or automotive industries in others. At each of the EuroTech universities startups are supported by strong organizations that also offer workspaces for emerging tech companies. As a result, these cities all host a lively culture of young driven entrepreneurs that unequivocally have a number of things in common: refreshing energy, an urge for innovation and a pile of dreams for a brilliant future.

At the EVP’18 Finale the best startups from the EuroTech universities battle for final victory and you will have the opportunity to meet all of the contestants. Tickets for the event can be ordered for free at this link.

The European Venture Programme guides auspicious startups connected to the Universities of Technology in Eindhoven, Lausanne, Copenhagen and Munich, co-operating under the name EuroTech Universities. As of this summer, the École Polytechnique de Paris will also join this venture. In a short incubator programme with courses in each city 22 startups work to bring their ideas to the market. This year the finals take place in Eindhoven. The EVP in Eindhoven is organized by STARTUP Eindhoven and TU/e Innovation Lab. For more information visit

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