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In the midst of the battle between the alpha and beta universities for big money, there is some leeway for bringing the two directions a little closer together. The Mondriaan Fund is creating two temporary workspaces at TU/e Innovation Space for visual artists who want to explore the potential of technological research. Artists with a specific research question and a concrete plan for new work which has a focus on technology have until October the 14th to submit a proposal.

Eindhoven University of Technology is specialized in areas such as (mechanical) engineering, chemistry, data and computer science, innovative materials, human-technology interaction and biomedical sciences, but not ordinarily in art. Nevertheless, through the initiative of Isolde Hallensleben, the Mondriaan Fund has found a place in Innovation Space where the two worlds are able to come together. At Innovation Space – where Hallensleben supervises various projects – students, teachers, researchers and companies are helping to resolve complex social and industrial issues. The focus is on innovation, technical design, making prototypes and innovative entrepreneurship.

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The fresh perspective of artists

It is a logical step for Hallensleben, who has been connected to Innovation Space since 2016. “To be honest, I’ve been working on this since I first joined the TU/e. And Innovation Space is the ideal place for it.” Hallensleben, who is also associated with Dutch Design Week and VPRO, says it is “bizarre” that there is still hardly any interaction between the TU and the Design Academy. “Especially in this city which is so renowned for the way people work together here.”

Hallensleben is delighted to be able to take the step from “one-off” projects to something more structural. “This is especially important for students. The artists become part of their teams and that often offers a whole new perspective on things. Technology in itself is quite cold, artists are able to add conceptual and abstract thinking. They frequently have a fresh outlook on the way to reach a specific audience.”

Inspirational approach and focused on the target group

The selected artists are to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams of students, teachers, coaches and professors at the TU/e Innovation Space as promised by the Mondriaan Fund. “There are several workshops for making prototypes under the supervision of the technical staff.” Candidates are selected on the basis of a presentation plan wherein they clarify – “how they can reach a suitable audience in an inspiring way and bind them to the project or work that has been created during and after the work period”.

The deadline for submitting an application is Monday 14 October 2019. More information can be found at the Mondriaan Fund.